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The Vixens & Villains series is set in Britain in the 1820's. A planned sextet, four books have been released so far. Each can be read standalone, though there are stories which continue throughout the series. 

Perfect for fans of historical romance with a dash of darkness, and danger, the series does contains open-door sex scenes, some language, and themes which may be difficult for some readers, which are listed in the content notes for each book.

Content Notes:

Mention of past trauma (physical abuse - not explicit)


Mention of sexual assault (inferred not explicit) 

The Rake & The Maid (Vixens & Villains I)

The darkness in their hearts means they can never love - doesn't it? 

Euphemia Fortescue fled an arranged marriage, and suffered the whims and trials of false friends and twisted lords. But as Harcourt Sinclair's housemaid, she found peace and purpose. 
Harcourt Sinclair has been planning his revenge for twenty years against those peers of society who stole everything from him. But his single-mindedness will cost him, unless he can learn to trust his least expected saviour...

Redemption, adventure, secrets, desire, and love in Regency London.

Content Notes:

Threat of sexual assault


Mention of infertility & domestic abuse

Mention of depression

The Viscount & The Lighterman's Daughter

(Vixens & Villains II)

They’ve hidden their true selves - but can they find each other?

Viscount Percy Egerton nearly lost everything in the wake of his friend Harcourt Sinclair’s scandal. Not even taking over a shipping company and playing nighttime vigilante has helped him find what he wants most; himself. But when the daughter of one of his workers bursts into his life, he finds everything he ever wished for is within his grasp, if only he has the courage to reach out...
When Meg Lowell is dismissed and forced to return home to Sailortown, she is desperate to find the means to survive, and keep her family from destitution. Clever, and hardworking, she has no fear. At least until she meets Percy, and he threatens her with the most dangerous thing of all; love.

Redemption, adventure, secrets, desire, and love in the docklands of Regency London.


"Light in my heart."

~ Goodreads Review

Content Notes:

Mention of past physical abuse (not explicit)
Murder (not explicit)
Mention of sexual assault (inferred not explicit)
Mention of depression

The Bodyguard & The Miss (Vixens & Villains III)

Their pasts are full of secrets - but will the dark truth set them free? 

Angelique Fitzsimmons is not the girl all of society believes her to be. Only a select few friends know of her scandalous and adventurous self, but not even they know of the terror lurking in her heart. Neither can they ever, which is why she runs away without a word. Only, she wasn’t counting on the unsettling guard sent after her…

Will Hardy is nothing if not a man of his word. A year he has endured guarding Miss Fitzsimmons from no one but her reckless self; and so he must again when the spoiled chit decides to run away. But soon, he realizes there is more to her than he thought, and if only he can learn to open himself, they will both be able to find what neither was looking for to begin with. Love.

Redemption, adventure, secrets, desire, and love across Regency Britain.

Content Notes:

Character(s) dealing with loss
Mention of domestic abuse (not explicit)
Mention of past abuse (not explicit)

The Saint & The Madam (Vixens & Villains IV)

Love is a price neither can pay, and survive - isn't it?

For twenty years, Arthur Dudley has led a secret life as Saint Nick, the most powerful crime lord in the East End, perhaps even the city. But when an unlikely woman discovers his secret, he'll get far more than he bargained for.

Lily Fanshawe has been many people in her life, but she never expected to become a madam when she came to London looking for her sister all those years ago. Though neither did she expect to find love, and yet, she somehow has...

When a powerful enemy comes for them both, and those they care for, they'll have to decide how far they're willing to go to keep their love safe.

Redemption, adventure, secrets, desire, and love in the docklands of late Georgian London.

Vixens & Villains Box Set: Books 1-3

Grab books 1-3 in the series today!

The Rake & The MaidThe Viscount & The Lighterman's Daughter, and The Bodyguard & The Miss are now available in a handy bundle for your reading pleasure! 

Escape to 1820's Britain today!

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